I laugh…

30 08 2009

So after I posted my first blog about how I felt when ppl send me messages on myyearbook.com, I’ve been getting even more messages, comments & what not about my blog. There have been 3 kinds of messages:

1) The ones that comment about how they like my blog & it’s about damn time someone on here posted it. Or how I seem wise, insightful & what not.

2) The ones where ppl obviously didn’t read my blog to begin with b/c I still get them damn messages saying: “Whassup sexy.” “What’s good ma?” I understand if you don’t like to read, but why be online or on my profile or even adding me if you don’t like to read?

3) This is my favorite ones: The fuckin assholes that think it’s funny mock my blog & PURPOSELY type: “Hey mamas, what it dew witchu?” Really though? You think I’m actually gong to respond back to those messages? I know I’m responding back right now, but I will not respond back in separate messages.

Oh!! It’s funny when ppl message me with this: “So, what’s your name?”
WOW… aren’t we smart? It says it in my handle, you just take out the 4 H’s and you’re set with my name. OH!!! And the ppl that are telling me that they like the fact that I wrote the blog 7 I opened up their eyes to something real, YET they criticize the way I type & my usage of words. Maybe you just don’t get the way I use words? IDK, whatever it is, it makes me laugh. Oh an yes, I really do type like this when I message people, and I do talk like the way I type. If you’ve ever sent me a message/IM where I would respond, you’d know that I type like this: “all proper & what not”.

Okay I think that’s enough rambling for now. Leave comments, because I know I have offended a few of you. It wasn’t my intention to, but someone had to tell you.


I gave in…

3 05 2009

So, I posted a couple makeup tutorials on youtube. I told myself that I wouldn’t give into that only because there’s a whole bunch of girls out there that post videos on how they apply their makeup. My first video was actually for a contest entry that Elle (Allthatglitters21) was holding. You can watch the video here.

With the support & encouragement from friends & MUGS, I decided to post another video here. I’m slowly getting the courage to post more videos and what not.

Someone asked me, “Why don’t you talk in your videos?”

I replied with, “Because I stutter a lot & I don’t have a cool greeting. I don’t want to be boring & say, “Hey girls!” Or even have a high pitched voice.” That’s just not me. Once I get into talking & what not, I’ll eventually do that. Plus, it’s hard to do when I’m filming around 11pm at night & what not.

Oh! I’ve also gotten msg`s in my inbox saying: “You’re just entering to win free stuff!!” FYI – I’m not. I entered cuz I’m a competitive person & I like to think outside the box when I enter contests. Obviously those people who sent me those msg`s are cowards for not posting it as a comment :]

I hope you guys enjoy my videos!! And if you’d like to see me do a look, post a comment here or on youtube & let me know what you’d like to see!!

Protected: The new me.

31 03 2009

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Nap time would be better if…

12 03 2009

I had some interesting pillows to sleep on. Well, not really, but it would be awesome to say that I do own a cool pillow!! I was browsing on twitter sometime last week & saw this crazy pillow!! It’s called the “boyfriend pillow”.

It’s crazy, I know!! People come up with the weirdest things! Since that day, I’ve been looking online for “weird/crazy pillows”. I guess it’s a new obsession of mine. Obviously, someone already did a blog or whatever on these pillows I’m about to share with you, but hey! I don’t give a shit :] Honestly, I kind of want one. *enter your comment here*

Loudreams.com posted this in January, and let me tell you. I seriously LOL`d! I would love to get all 3 sets of these. I mean look how hilarious they are! ESP the headphones & fingers-in-ear set. Can someone get me all 3 sets!?! PLEASE?! Thanks :]

Look closely at this one. It totally cracks me up! I don’t know if you guys get these pillow marks on your face when you sleep at night, but I definitely get them when I nap. Only when I nap, though! I would hate to have a message like this on my face for a few hours, though! Especially if I’m going out later.

For the MAC lover in you. Umm, this is kind of obsessive to me, as are some of the other ones I’ll show you. Would you really get this? I mean, I’m an XP user. You don’t see me getting a pillow or even creating a pillow with a “Start Button” design. Although, that would be a great idea!! If you make one, I better get credit for it, and 10% of all profit! :]

Okay I’m sorry, but this is a lil disturbing! I mean who would want a head of a horse on their bed? Especially one that’s been cut off? I swear, I thought my “XP Start Button” pillow was insane!!

HAH! I fuckin love this one! It’s called the “Pill-o Pillow”. The description says, “Creative pillow design from CarteBlanche, a luxury products company pioneering “cocaine-chic” couture.” Umm, honestly… A few people I know would LOVE this pillow if they were circular and had lil imprints, like XTC pills. But yeah, I wonder if this is actually comfy.

Like the MAC icon pillows, this is kind of out there. I personally wouldn’t get it, but I know a few “geeks” that would. I ❤ geeks, though. They’re sexy. Especially if they’re the geeks from LEXATIONSHIPS. Oh, did I just type that? Umm next crazy pillow…

Um, I’m not even going to comment on this one. You’re prolly thinking the same thing I’m thinking.

What does this look like to you? A red & white squiggly lined pillow, yeah? WRONG! It’s supposed to be BACON. Let me tell you something. I don’t like bacon. I hate the smell of when it’s being cooked, the taste & greasiness of it. This makes me hate bacon even more. Wait! No, this makes me hate bacon even more. Click here. Thanks bacon lovers, thanks.

This is cute. I’d totally get one! I love the color of the model’s hair, too! But really tho, it’s creative.

My new obsession for pillows got me searching real hard. And OMG, look at this one!!

Seriously, I thought I was obsessed over these, but this is WAY over the top!! Who would get a pillow that you can wear all day? That’s just fuckin ridiculous. Might I add: TACKY! Shame on you designers for making this one! Would you seriously walk around with a pillow attached to your head all day? I mean shit, if you’re that lazy, call in sick or something!

I want to read your reaction to these pillows, especially the pillowig [yes, that’s the actual name for it]. I never ask people to comment anything of mine, but I WANT you to comment this one please. Thank you :]