Life changing development.

21 06 2009

Laying here at 2 AM thinking about everything I want to say & everything that I’ve been doing lately… I never thought I’d ever find the time to do so.  I don’t even know where to begin with this blog. Have you ever had someone introduce you to something new & they pretty much guaranteed that it was going to be life changing for reals? I have, and it’s happening. I don’t even know that it’s happening, but man… Let’s just say that I haven’t opened up to someone like this in the LONGEST time. And man.. I cried.

About a month ago, I was approached by someone that I never thought I’d ever hear from again. She hit me up on AIM asking how I was doing & what not. I was thinking to myself: “What the hell does she want? But I’m glad she took the initiative to do so, otherwise I wouldn’t have.” kind of thing… Well, she picked me up to get some Starbucks & we talked about EVERYTHING that we both needed to get off our chest. It was one of those long awaited type things. And also, one of those misunderstanding type things. Anyway…

I asked her, “You’re so different now. What are you doing? Your view on life is totally different than it used to be. Tell me your secret.” I’m SO GLAD I had asked, because then I never would’ve gotten an answer. Basically, she introduced me to the company she works for. And I also asked her, “Is your company looking for new people.” SO GLAD I DID THAT, as well.  I don’t think I could thank her enough for actually introducing me to the company. It’s surely has changed my life in the past 3 weeks.

I’ve learned so many things in life in these past 3 weeks, that I’ve never really thought about in the past almost 26 years of my life. I’ve never met so many people that don’t see you for what you’ve done in the past, but what you can do & accomplish in the future. They really are my family outside of my family. They see things in me that I’ve never been able to see in myself. Their belief & faith in me is what is pushing me to work harder than I’ve ever worked in my life. I’ve never had that kind of support, ever & I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM for that. For the past week, I’ve been thanking GOD for every single one of them & I can’t let myself down. If I do, I let them down.



I gave in…

3 05 2009

So, I posted a couple makeup tutorials on youtube. I told myself that I wouldn’t give into that only because there’s a whole bunch of girls out there that post videos on how they apply their makeup. My first video was actually for a contest entry that Elle (Allthatglitters21) was holding. You can watch the video here.

With the support & encouragement from friends & MUGS, I decided to post another video here. I’m slowly getting the courage to post more videos and what not.

Someone asked me, “Why don’t you talk in your videos?”

I replied with, “Because I stutter a lot & I don’t have a cool greeting. I don’t want to be boring & say, “Hey girls!” Or even have a high pitched voice.” That’s just not me. Once I get into talking & what not, I’ll eventually do that. Plus, it’s hard to do when I’m filming around 11pm at night & what not.

Oh! I’ve also gotten msg`s in my inbox saying: “You’re just entering to win free stuff!!” FYI – I’m not. I entered cuz I’m a competitive person & I like to think outside the box when I enter contests. Obviously those people who sent me those msg`s are cowards for not posting it as a comment :]

I hope you guys enjoy my videos!! And if you’d like to see me do a look, post a comment here or on youtube & let me know what you’d like to see!!

Protected: The new me.

31 03 2009

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“Reunited & it feels so good…” Well, sort of.

24 03 2009

So on Sunday, Tracy High School Band & Colorguard 00-04 had a little reunion thing. I took BART from Fremont to Dublin & Barb picked me up from Dublin. It was supposed to be raining all day or something, but nope! The rain clouds went away, but it was still cold b/c there was a strong breeze. After Barb & I went to Safeway to pick up a few things, we headed out to Amanda’s house in Manteca. On our way there, we were gossiping about people we went to school with and what not. I mean that’s all Barb & I ever do… GOSSIP! LAWL!

So, as soon as we pull up to the curb, I looked at barb & told her, “Man I feel awkward already.”
Barb replied with, “Yeah, I know. So do I.”

So yeah, not a lot of people showed up. A few people kind of flaked & what not, but you know what? WHATEVER! I’m actually honestly glad that we had this reunion. I haven’t seen majority in 8 years, and it’s good to see that we all still get along… KIND OF! HA!!

I’m just going to post pictures!

Val trying to escape my camera, HA! I got you!

Barb, Veronica & her son, Alex. CANDID ;]

We played a little Wii Bowling.
Erin: “We should take the Wii out!!”
Barb: “OMG excuse me? Did you say, ‘We should take the weed out?'”
Erin, Amanda & I: “LOL WHAT?!”

Sabrina, myself & Erin. We all were in the colorguard all four years of high school. 98-01

The Fam Damnily. Athena, me, Erin, Sabrina & Amanda. We all were literally like sisters :] [Yes, Amanda & Athena are twins.]

Sabrina & her son, Aiden [I think that’s how you spell it =X] He’s so adorable!!

Me & Payton, Athena’s daughter — Take 1. Fail.

Erin & I were trying to make her laugh & look at the camera — Take 2. Fail.

Take 3. Fail. We give up!

Erin, Barb, Amanda & Payton conversing.

Payton & Aunt Amanda. How come I didn’t take one of Athena & Payton? LOL

Those are just the pix from my camera. Idk if anyone else uploaded their pictures yet. I hope you guys all had fun. I know I did…after a few drinks. LOL! That’s not surprising! And I hope to see you guys soon & not later!