“Reunited & it feels so good…” Well, sort of.

24 03 2009

So on Sunday, Tracy High School Band & Colorguard 00-04 had a little reunion thing. I took BART from Fremont to Dublin & Barb picked me up from Dublin. It was supposed to be raining all day or something, but nope! The rain clouds went away, but it was still cold b/c there was a strong breeze. After Barb & I went to Safeway to pick up a few things, we headed out to Amanda’s house in Manteca. On our way there, we were gossiping about people we went to school with and what not. I mean that’s all Barb & I ever do… GOSSIP! LAWL!

So, as soon as we pull up to the curb, I looked at barb & told her, “Man I feel awkward already.”
Barb replied with, “Yeah, I know. So do I.”

So yeah, not a lot of people showed up. A few people kind of flaked & what not, but you know what? WHATEVER! I’m actually honestly glad that we had this reunion. I haven’t seen majority in 8 years, and it’s good to see that we all still get along… KIND OF! HA!!

I’m just going to post pictures!

Val trying to escape my camera, HA! I got you!

Barb, Veronica & her son, Alex. CANDID ;]

We played a little Wii Bowling.
Erin: “We should take the Wii out!!”
Barb: “OMG excuse me? Did you say, ‘We should take the weed out?'”
Erin, Amanda & I: “LOL WHAT?!”

Sabrina, myself & Erin. We all were in the colorguard all four years of high school. 98-01

The Fam Damnily. Athena, me, Erin, Sabrina & Amanda. We all were literally like sisters :] [Yes, Amanda & Athena are twins.]

Sabrina & her son, Aiden [I think that’s how you spell it =X] He’s so adorable!!

Me & Payton, Athena’s daughter — Take 1. Fail.

Erin & I were trying to make her laugh & look at the camera — Take 2. Fail.

Take 3. Fail. We give up!

Erin, Barb, Amanda & Payton conversing.

Payton & Aunt Amanda. How come I didn’t take one of Athena & Payton? LOL

Those are just the pix from my camera. Idk if anyone else uploaded their pictures yet. I hope you guys all had fun. I know I did…after a few drinks. LOL! That’s not surprising! And I hope to see you guys soon & not later!