It’s FINALLY here!!!

5 05 2009

My 120!! It’s here!! I’m sooo excited!! I slept over Shana’s place on Sunday night b/c we were going to bleach my hair the next morning. While we were watching UNSOLVED MYSTERIES on TV, the doorbell rang.. 2x. We were like, “Who the hell is that?” When Shana went to get the door, it was the mail man. I wasn’t there when she signed for the package. As soon as she shut the door, she shouted:
“Hey, Paula! Guess what came in the mail!!”
I literally jumped up & scream, “OUR 120’s?”

Sure enough, in a green bulky envelope that look like it’s contains drugs, were both of our 120s, & 2 free gift sets.

We were uber excited that we both opened our palettes & did a little swatching. They’re absolutely AMAZING! I mean, I knew they were going to be really pigmented because I’ve watched/read a few reviews on them online. But they’re even better in person!! I wanted to “play” with the colors last night while Shana was raiding on WoW, but I honestly didn’t know where to start.

As soon as I got home last night, I took my 120 palette out & I got on youtube. I said to myself, “Hey! I might as well make another entry for Angee’s contest!!” So I did. You can view a preview picture here.

I’m uploading the video right now as I’m typing this. If you subscribe to my youtube channel, then you’ll be able to check it out. Also, if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll tweet a link to the video :]

I was kind of disappointed in some of the colors of the 120. 95% of them were very pigmented, the other 5% of them weren’t. I had to do a few swipes to get color to show on my arm for the swatches. So here they are!!

All swatches were applied on NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK as a base.


I gave in…

3 05 2009

So, I posted a couple makeup tutorials on youtube. I told myself that I wouldn’t give into that only because there’s a whole bunch of girls out there that post videos on how they apply their makeup. My first video was actually for a contest entry that Elle (Allthatglitters21) was holding. You can watch the video here.

With the support & encouragement from friends & MUGS, I decided to post another video here. I’m slowly getting the courage to post more videos and what not.

Someone asked me, “Why don’t you talk in your videos?”

I replied with, “Because I stutter a lot & I don’t have a cool greeting. I don’t want to be boring & say, “Hey girls!” Or even have a high pitched voice.” That’s just not me. Once I get into talking & what not, I’ll eventually do that. Plus, it’s hard to do when I’m filming around 11pm at night & what not.

Oh! I’ve also gotten msg`s in my inbox saying: “You’re just entering to win free stuff!!” FYI – I’m not. I entered cuz I’m a competitive person & I like to think outside the box when I enter contests. Obviously those people who sent me those msg`s are cowards for not posting it as a comment :]

I hope you guys enjoy my videos!! And if you’d like to see me do a look, post a comment here or on youtube & let me know what you’d like to see!!

Charity work.

17 04 2009

As you guys may or may not know, I’m an active member of the website I joined almost a year ago because I saw it on another social network, I was skeptical about SocialVibe & how it worked. Thank you Google for helping with information about what SV is all about.

Basically, SV is a social network that joins people together helping 42 causes [currently], ranging from Charity: Water, To Write Love On Her Arms, Education, Hunger & Poverty, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and the charity I’m helpng: The World Food Programme. How do people help raise money for these charities? Well, you pick ONE charity that you want to help, and then you choose two sponsors. There are currently 44 sponsors to choose from: Apple, Adobe, Sprint, 7 for All Mankind, Zune, Body Glove, etc. Once you pick your charity & two sponors, you make a “badge” to post on your social network [myspace, facebook, myyearbook, blog, etc.]. Every time someone views your social network page, you’ll get points. The way the points turn into money for your cause is at the end of every month, SV will put the points together for each sponsor & distribute the funds to each charity depending on the percentage they raised from members.

How easy does that sound? Like seriously, all you do is you post a badge on your site(s) & you’ll earn points! You’ll get points for logging in everyday, answering the daily question AND being active in the forums. You’ll get 100 pts for referrign a friend. The more points you get, the more money your charity gets!

I joined last May, and was telling anyone & EVERYONE I know. I currently have nine recruits. That’s 900 points to World Food Programme!! Last August, SV & Stand Up 2 Cancer held a SV Member of the Month contest. We had to make some kind of artwork to show how cancer effects us. I entered with this mosaic photo:

This mosaic has pictures of people that I look up to. Family, friends, and inspirational celebs. Also, some photos from past Relay for Life & Breast Cancer events I’ve done. I was picked as the member of the month. The prizes were awesome, but that’s not why I entered. I entered to show that cancer is EVERYWHERE around us, and we don’t know it. We may not even know that our next door neighbors have cancer, or that your best friend’s parents have passed or survived cancer. It’s in evitable.

Okay, I didn’t post this blog to brag about the contest or anything like that. I posted this because it’s so easy to help out a charity!!

With that said, watch this video & maybe you’d like to help Linkin Park & their charity, Music4Relief.

Protected: The new me.

31 03 2009

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“Reunited & it feels so good…” Well, sort of.

24 03 2009

So on Sunday, Tracy High School Band & Colorguard 00-04 had a little reunion thing. I took BART from Fremont to Dublin & Barb picked me up from Dublin. It was supposed to be raining all day or something, but nope! The rain clouds went away, but it was still cold b/c there was a strong breeze. After Barb & I went to Safeway to pick up a few things, we headed out to Amanda’s house in Manteca. On our way there, we were gossiping about people we went to school with and what not. I mean that’s all Barb & I ever do… GOSSIP! LAWL!

So, as soon as we pull up to the curb, I looked at barb & told her, “Man I feel awkward already.”
Barb replied with, “Yeah, I know. So do I.”

So yeah, not a lot of people showed up. A few people kind of flaked & what not, but you know what? WHATEVER! I’m actually honestly glad that we had this reunion. I haven’t seen majority in 8 years, and it’s good to see that we all still get along… KIND OF! HA!!

I’m just going to post pictures!

Val trying to escape my camera, HA! I got you!

Barb, Veronica & her son, Alex. CANDID ;]

We played a little Wii Bowling.
Erin: “We should take the Wii out!!”
Barb: “OMG excuse me? Did you say, ‘We should take the weed out?'”
Erin, Amanda & I: “LOL WHAT?!”

Sabrina, myself & Erin. We all were in the colorguard all four years of high school. 98-01

The Fam Damnily. Athena, me, Erin, Sabrina & Amanda. We all were literally like sisters :] [Yes, Amanda & Athena are twins.]

Sabrina & her son, Aiden [I think that’s how you spell it =X] He’s so adorable!!

Me & Payton, Athena’s daughter — Take 1. Fail.

Erin & I were trying to make her laugh & look at the camera — Take 2. Fail.

Take 3. Fail. We give up!

Erin, Barb, Amanda & Payton conversing.

Payton & Aunt Amanda. How come I didn’t take one of Athena & Payton? LOL

Those are just the pix from my camera. Idk if anyone else uploaded their pictures yet. I hope you guys all had fun. I know I did…after a few drinks. LOL! That’s not surprising! And I hope to see you guys soon & not later!

Oh ew!!

20 03 2009

I just saw the pix I took yesterday for my review. Um, EW! I look all whack! HA! I need to lose weight! JEEZ! Well, apparently ppl have been asking if I’ve lost weight. I dont’ think I have. I mean, of course I’m not going to see a difference in my point of view, but if you knew me from let’s say Christmas, do I look that different?

I can’t wait for this Sunday!! Tracy High Band/Colorguard from 98-02 is having a reunion at Amanda’s house. I haven’t SEEN any of them, other than Barb, since graduation. Thank goodness for Facebook! If it wasn’t for facebook, we wouldn’t have planned this reunion!! I’ll post pix of the event.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation.

19 03 2009

So, I finally bought foundation that I’m happy with that doesn’t cost a lot. AND it was Buy One-Get One, so HELL YEAH!! I’ve been doing some research on which foundation I wanted to get. I even asked my fellow tweeters & MUGs what I should get. They all suggested Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation.

I got it in Warm Golden. I’m like in between a NC35 & NC40 in MAC. This is a little light on me, but I use NC40 Select Sheer Pressed Powder to set it.

So, 2 weeks ago, Shana & I went to ULTA to get some foundation for her & try some new stuff. Well, we were in front of the Revlon section & tried to get our match on the color to get. We’re actually the same color tone. I might be a little darker, but not by much.

Anyway, here’s my actual review.
It has SPF 6, which is good b/c I barely wear SPF anything. I know! Don’t judge me! LOL. There’s something called SoftFlex in the formula. I believe it’s to make the foundation light weight & less cakey. One bottle has 1 Fl Oz/30mL. Before I applied it on my face, I moisturized. My T-zone gets dry, but the rest of my face is normal, sometimes oily.

So I applied my hydrocortizone and dry skin cream. I know hydrocortizone is bad for yourface, but I’ve ben using this for the longest time & it’s the only thing that’s been working for me. So here’s the before picture.

I know! Scary! Don’t worry, I’m going to conceal everything :]. So I put a lil big on a clear cd thing that comes with those blank cds. I used a stipling brush to apply it.

The directions says to apply at one spot at a time & blending quickly. So I just put it on my cheek area & started working it in my skin. I could already tell the coverage was nice & it’s very smooth. I thought it was going to be really thick on my skin, but it wasn’t. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it dries up quickly. So, here’s a picture of half of my face w/ the foundation, and half w/o it on. Guess which one!!

If you couldn’t tell, it’s the left that has the foundation on. A lot of my uneven skin color was covered & my acne marks & what not. You can even tell that it’s not an oily formula either. That little smidgen goes a long way. Look!

So I put the rest all over my face, and I didn’t have any left over. It was just enough to cover my entire face. You really don’t need a lot of the product.

Ta-da!! Covered everything :] It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask like other foundations do. I couldn’t just have foundation on my face w/o doing everything else. So, here’s my Look of the Night. A Kim Kardashian inspired smokey eye. Well, my attempt to it.

Coverage = 5 stars
Formula = 5 stars
Price = 5 stars
Longevity = 5 stars
Packaging = 3 [No pump, and the formula itself is thick. It doesn’t come out easily.]
Overal = 4.6