I laugh…

30 08 2009

So after I posted my first blog about how I felt when ppl send me messages on myyearbook.com, I’ve been getting even more messages, comments & what not about my blog. There have been 3 kinds of messages:

1) The ones that comment about how they like my blog & it’s about damn time someone on here posted it. Or how I seem wise, insightful & what not.

2) The ones where ppl obviously didn’t read my blog to begin with b/c I still get them damn messages saying: “Whassup sexy.” “What’s good ma?” I understand if you don’t like to read, but why be online or on my profile or even adding me if you don’t like to read?

3) This is my favorite ones: The fuckin assholes that think it’s funny mock my blog & PURPOSELY type: “Hey mamas, what it dew witchu?” Really though? You think I’m actually gong to respond back to those messages? I know I’m responding back right now, but I will not respond back in separate messages.

Oh!! It’s funny when ppl message me with this: “So, what’s your name?”
WOW… aren’t we smart? It says it in my handle, you just take out the 4 H’s and you’re set with my name. OH!!! And the ppl that are telling me that they like the fact that I wrote the blog 7 I opened up their eyes to something real, YET they criticize the way I type & my usage of words. Maybe you just don’t get the way I use words? IDK, whatever it is, it makes me laugh. Oh an yes, I really do type like this when I message people, and I do talk like the way I type. If you’ve ever sent me a message/IM where I would respond, you’d know that I type like this: “all proper & what not”.

Okay I think that’s enough rambling for now. Leave comments, because I know I have offended a few of you. It wasn’t my intention to, but someone had to tell you.


I just need to vent & be real with y’all….

19 08 2009

So, I made an acct on myyearbook.com just to make friends, and I think I have. I mean I don’t talk to many of them on the site, but the people that I’ve conversed with are pretty chill. But I think the only reason why people send a friend request or even talk to me is b/c of the way I look. And trust me, I don’t look like I do in my photos all the time. I don’t mean to sound condescending or conceited or anything within those two terms, so please, don’t think I am.

I’ve gotten a few comments from people saying (along these lines): “Damn ma, you’re hot,” “Hey, Beautiful,” or my favorite: “What it do, sexy.” BUT of course, not in the correct form of English. (Not hating on anyone’s grammar or anything, it’s just a pet peeve of mine.) ANYWAY…

There’s a few things wrong w/ those three lines/greetings there.
1) PLEASE don’t call me these things: Ma, Mama, Mami, Shawty, Boo, Babe, Baby, etc. — I am NOT your mom or ANYONE’s mom, for that matter. Yes, I’m short, but that’s b/c height isn’t a strong gene in my family. And that whole baby/boo thing? Um… HOW OLD ARE WE? Yea, that’s what I thought.
2) Sexy, Beautiful, Hot, etc. — I’m nowhere NEAR the typical media/society’s definition of those words. BUT I do think I’m beautiful in my own way. I mean everyone has their own definition of being beautiful, sexy, hot, gorgeous, etc. To me, what makes a person beautiful is their heart. You can be the prettiest girl or most handsome guy EVER to be in existance, but how is your heart? How’s your character? Your disposition? People are born young & grow old; physical beauty can only last for so long, but what lives on forever is their heart. It may pass on, but the spirit of the heart lives on forever. What makes the heart beautiful is to love & to give. I’ve always believed in giving & kindness, but don’t take advantage of those traits of mine. Once you do, I will be the last person that you’d ever want to come in contact with.
3) “What it do/dew?” — What does what do? And where’s the dew? Like seriously, think about what you say & how you say it to a person. Because even though actions speak louder than words, it’s the things you say that the actions follow. Do you know what I’m saying? If you’re meeting me for the first time & you greet me that way, I will reply like this: “What does what do? My hair tie?” A good, “Hi, how are you?” greeting would be GREAT!

I don’t know why I wrote this blog, but I just felt like venting out a little bit. Plus, I didn’t want to write the whole thing & erase my thoughts. I’ve always been the type to hold everything in & let it bottle up inside until that one day where I just explode & lash out on EVERYONE. That’s when I don’t care about what I say to people or if it hurts their feelings or what not. But I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings. 😀

Charity work.

17 04 2009

As you guys may or may not know, I’m an active member of the website SocialVibe.com. I joined almost a year ago because I saw it on another social network, MyYearbook.com. I was skeptical about SocialVibe & how it worked. Thank you Google for helping with information about what SV is all about.

Basically, SV is a social network that joins people together helping 42 causes [currently], ranging from Charity: Water, To Write Love On Her Arms, Education, Hunger & Poverty, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and the charity I’m helpng: The World Food Programme. How do people help raise money for these charities? Well, you pick ONE charity that you want to help, and then you choose two sponsors. There are currently 44 sponsors to choose from: Apple, Adobe, Sprint, 7 for All Mankind, Zune, Body Glove, etc. Once you pick your charity & two sponors, you make a “badge” to post on your social network [myspace, facebook, myyearbook, blog, etc.]. Every time someone views your social network page, you’ll get points. The way the points turn into money for your cause is at the end of every month, SV will put the points together for each sponsor & distribute the funds to each charity depending on the percentage they raised from members.

How easy does that sound? Like seriously, all you do is you post a badge on your site(s) & you’ll earn points! You’ll get points for logging in everyday, answering the daily question AND being active in the forums. You’ll get 100 pts for referrign a friend. The more points you get, the more money your charity gets!

I joined last May, and was telling anyone & EVERYONE I know. I currently have nine recruits. That’s 900 points to World Food Programme!! Last August, SV & Stand Up 2 Cancer held a SV Member of the Month contest. We had to make some kind of artwork to show how cancer effects us. I entered with this mosaic photo:

This mosaic has pictures of people that I look up to. Family, friends, and inspirational celebs. Also, some photos from past Relay for Life & Breast Cancer events I’ve done. I was picked as the member of the month. The prizes were awesome, but that’s not why I entered. I entered to show that cancer is EVERYWHERE around us, and we don’t know it. We may not even know that our next door neighbors have cancer, or that your best friend’s parents have passed or survived cancer. It’s in evitable.

Okay, I didn’t post this blog to brag about the contest or anything like that. I posted this because it’s so easy to help out a charity!!

With that said, watch this video & maybe you’d like to help Linkin Park & their charity, Music4Relief.

Protected: The new me.

31 03 2009

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Oh ew!!

20 03 2009

I just saw the pix I took yesterday for my review. Um, EW! I look all whack! HA! I need to lose weight! JEEZ! Well, apparently ppl have been asking if I’ve lost weight. I dont’ think I have. I mean, of course I’m not going to see a difference in my point of view, but if you knew me from let’s say Christmas, do I look that different?

I can’t wait for this Sunday!! Tracy High Band/Colorguard from 98-02 is having a reunion at Amanda’s house. I haven’t SEEN any of them, other than Barb, since graduation. Thank goodness for Facebook! If it wasn’t for facebook, we wouldn’t have planned this reunion!! I’ll post pix of the event.

Nap time would be better if…

12 03 2009

I had some interesting pillows to sleep on. Well, not really, but it would be awesome to say that I do own a cool pillow!! I was browsing on twitter sometime last week & saw this crazy pillow!! It’s called the “boyfriend pillow”.

It’s crazy, I know!! People come up with the weirdest things! Since that day, I’ve been looking online for “weird/crazy pillows”. I guess it’s a new obsession of mine. Obviously, someone already did a blog or whatever on these pillows I’m about to share with you, but hey! I don’t give a shit :] Honestly, I kind of want one. *enter your comment here*

Loudreams.com posted this in January, and let me tell you. I seriously LOL`d! I would love to get all 3 sets of these. I mean look how hilarious they are! ESP the headphones & fingers-in-ear set. Can someone get me all 3 sets!?! PLEASE?! Thanks :]

Look closely at this one. It totally cracks me up! I don’t know if you guys get these pillow marks on your face when you sleep at night, but I definitely get them when I nap. Only when I nap, though! I would hate to have a message like this on my face for a few hours, though! Especially if I’m going out later.

For the MAC lover in you. Umm, this is kind of obsessive to me, as are some of the other ones I’ll show you. Would you really get this? I mean, I’m an XP user. You don’t see me getting a pillow or even creating a pillow with a “Start Button” design. Although, that would be a great idea!! If you make one, I better get credit for it, and 10% of all profit! :]

Okay I’m sorry, but this is a lil disturbing! I mean who would want a head of a horse on their bed? Especially one that’s been cut off? I swear, I thought my “XP Start Button” pillow was insane!!

HAH! I fuckin love this one! It’s called the “Pill-o Pillow”. The description says, “Creative pillow design from CarteBlanche, a luxury products company pioneering “cocaine-chic” couture.” Umm, honestly… A few people I know would LOVE this pillow if they were circular and had lil imprints, like XTC pills. But yeah, I wonder if this is actually comfy.

Like the MAC icon pillows, this is kind of out there. I personally wouldn’t get it, but I know a few “geeks” that would. I ❤ geeks, though. They’re sexy. Especially if they’re the geeks from LEXATIONSHIPS. Oh, did I just type that? Umm next crazy pillow…

Um, I’m not even going to comment on this one. You’re prolly thinking the same thing I’m thinking.

What does this look like to you? A red & white squiggly lined pillow, yeah? WRONG! It’s supposed to be BACON. Let me tell you something. I don’t like bacon. I hate the smell of when it’s being cooked, the taste & greasiness of it. This makes me hate bacon even more. Wait! No, this makes me hate bacon even more. Click here. Thanks bacon lovers, thanks.

This is cute. I’d totally get one! I love the color of the model’s hair, too! But really tho, it’s creative.

My new obsession for pillows got me searching real hard. And OMG, look at this one!!

Seriously, I thought I was obsessed over these, but this is WAY over the top!! Who would get a pillow that you can wear all day? That’s just fuckin ridiculous. Might I add: TACKY! Shame on you designers for making this one! Would you seriously walk around with a pillow attached to your head all day? I mean shit, if you’re that lazy, call in sick or something!

I want to read your reaction to these pillows, especially the pillowig [yes, that’s the actual name for it]. I never ask people to comment anything of mine, but I WANT you to comment this one please. Thank you :]


12 03 2009

So a few days ago, I said that Shana & I were going to take pictures of our lovely self-make overs. Well that never happened. We ended up just hanging out for an hour longer and then I went home to get some rest.

You sure its a bumper sticker?!You sure it’s a bumper sticker?! So yeah, I got this bumper sticker from MoveOn.org. Only it’s about 10x bigger than it appears on your screen. Anyway, I don’t remember ordering a bumper sticker from any such site, let alone it being one that doesn’t fit on a bumper. Well, at least I have a new sticker for my guitar. For some reason, Nevaeh’s lil voice came to my head asking, “Why is The Rock Obama on your guitar?”

So, people will do anything for money, right? Yeah I’m one of those people. I got asked to write a paper for someone and that paper was due at 6pm tonight. Apparently, that someone was given the wrong classes by her stupid ass fuckin school. WTF?! Like are you serious? I spent 1 1/2 days trying to research & write a paper for something that’s not going to get graded anyway? WOW!

I also edit peoples’ papers for their grammatical and spelling errors. I may not be the best writer there is, but they trust me with my editing. I don’t care if you pay me or not, just make sure you at least thank me. Anyway, this one random night I was on stickam [which night aren’t I on stickam, though?], some guy asked me if I did well in English. I told him that I was thinking of going back to school to major in English & education after getting licensed in cosmetology. So, he asked me to edit a paper for him. I said whatever. After reading what he needed to write about and reading his paper, which btw had way too many errors, he asked me to see if he needed to change something about it. So I gave him suggestions. This asshole asked me to pretty much write the fucking paper myself!! I told him that it’s his paper, and if I was going to write it for him, that he’d better pay me or SOMETHING! He said sure, but whatever!! I got scammed! OH!! He didn’t even say, “Thank you for helping me,” or anything like that!! I mean WTF?! And might I add, he wanted me to call HUFF for him? Because I lived closer to SF than he did? Seriously, are you fuckin kidding me?!

Lesson learned from today: Remember to at least say, “Thank you,” once a day to someone. Even if it’s for something small.