Charity work.

17 04 2009

As you guys may or may not know, I’m an active member of the website I joined almost a year ago because I saw it on another social network, I was skeptical about SocialVibe & how it worked. Thank you Google for helping with information about what SV is all about.

Basically, SV is a social network that joins people together helping 42 causes [currently], ranging from Charity: Water, To Write Love On Her Arms, Education, Hunger & Poverty, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and the charity I’m helpng: The World Food Programme. How do people help raise money for these charities? Well, you pick ONE charity that you want to help, and then you choose two sponsors. There are currently 44 sponsors to choose from: Apple, Adobe, Sprint, 7 for All Mankind, Zune, Body Glove, etc. Once you pick your charity & two sponors, you make a “badge” to post on your social network [myspace, facebook, myyearbook, blog, etc.]. Every time someone views your social network page, you’ll get points. The way the points turn into money for your cause is at the end of every month, SV will put the points together for each sponsor & distribute the funds to each charity depending on the percentage they raised from members.

How easy does that sound? Like seriously, all you do is you post a badge on your site(s) & you’ll earn points! You’ll get points for logging in everyday, answering the daily question AND being active in the forums. You’ll get 100 pts for referrign a friend. The more points you get, the more money your charity gets!

I joined last May, and was telling anyone & EVERYONE I know. I currently have nine recruits. That’s 900 points to World Food Programme!! Last August, SV & Stand Up 2 Cancer held a SV Member of the Month contest. We had to make some kind of artwork to show how cancer effects us. I entered with this mosaic photo:

This mosaic has pictures of people that I look up to. Family, friends, and inspirational celebs. Also, some photos from past Relay for Life & Breast Cancer events I’ve done. I was picked as the member of the month. The prizes were awesome, but that’s not why I entered. I entered to show that cancer is EVERYWHERE around us, and we don’t know it. We may not even know that our next door neighbors have cancer, or that your best friend’s parents have passed or survived cancer. It’s in evitable.

Okay, I didn’t post this blog to brag about the contest or anything like that. I posted this because it’s so easy to help out a charity!!

With that said, watch this video & maybe you’d like to help Linkin Park & their charity, Music4Relief.




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