Revlon ColorStay Foundation.

19 03 2009

So, I finally bought foundation that I’m happy with that doesn’t cost a lot. AND it was Buy One-Get One, so HELL YEAH!! I’ve been doing some research on which foundation I wanted to get. I even asked my fellow tweeters & MUGs what I should get. They all suggested Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation.

I got it in Warm Golden. I’m like in between a NC35 & NC40 in MAC. This is a little light on me, but I use NC40 Select Sheer Pressed Powder to set it.

So, 2 weeks ago, Shana & I went to ULTA to get some foundation for her & try some new stuff. Well, we were in front of the Revlon section & tried to get our match on the color to get. We’re actually the same color tone. I might be a little darker, but not by much.

Anyway, here’s my actual review.
It has SPF 6, which is good b/c I barely wear SPF anything. I know! Don’t judge me! LOL. There’s something called SoftFlex in the formula. I believe it’s to make the foundation light weight & less cakey. One bottle has 1 Fl Oz/30mL. Before I applied it on my face, I moisturized. My T-zone gets dry, but the rest of my face is normal, sometimes oily.

So I applied my hydrocortizone and dry skin cream. I know hydrocortizone is bad for yourface, but I’ve ben using this for the longest time & it’s the only thing that’s been working for me. So here’s the before picture.

I know! Scary! Don’t worry, I’m going to conceal everything :]. So I put a lil big on a clear cd thing that comes with those blank cds. I used a stipling brush to apply it.

The directions says to apply at one spot at a time & blending quickly. So I just put it on my cheek area & started working it in my skin. I could already tell the coverage was nice & it’s very smooth. I thought it was going to be really thick on my skin, but it wasn’t. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it dries up quickly. So, here’s a picture of half of my face w/ the foundation, and half w/o it on. Guess which one!!

If you couldn’t tell, it’s the left that has the foundation on. A lot of my uneven skin color was covered & my acne marks & what not. You can even tell that it’s not an oily formula either. That little smidgen goes a long way. Look!

So I put the rest all over my face, and I didn’t have any left over. It was just enough to cover my entire face. You really don’t need a lot of the product.

Ta-da!! Covered everything :] It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask like other foundations do. I couldn’t just have foundation on my face w/o doing everything else. So, here’s my Look of the Night. A Kim Kardashian inspired smokey eye. Well, my attempt to it.

Coverage = 5 stars
Formula = 5 stars
Price = 5 stars
Longevity = 5 stars
Packaging = 3 [No pump, and the formula itself is thick. It doesn’t come out easily.]
Overal = 4.6




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