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16 03 2009

I’m depressed. I can’t sleep. This migraine of mine is hurting the living soul out of me. I went to lay down for 2 hours, and my migraine was getting worse. It would stop for a few mins, five mins at most, and come back 2x as bad. So, here I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out WTF IS GOING ON!

My head hurts so bad, you don’t understand. Let me try to paint you a visual here. Imagine a construction worker using a jackhammer on the side of the road. Hurts your ears right? Now, imagine that construction worker w/ 2 of his buddies who also have jackhammers. Only they’re not working on the road. They’re working on your right temple. Yeah, that’s how much it hurts, and it’s pulsating my whole brain!

Okay, so will someone please come take care of me?




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