12 03 2009

So a few days ago, I said that Shana & I were going to take pictures of our lovely self-make overs. Well that never happened. We ended up just hanging out for an hour longer and then I went home to get some rest.

You sure its a bumper sticker?!You sure it’s a bumper sticker?! So yeah, I got this bumper sticker from MoveOn.org. Only it’s about 10x bigger than it appears on your screen. Anyway, I don’t remember ordering a bumper sticker from any such site, let alone it being one that doesn’t fit on a bumper. Well, at least I have a new sticker for my guitar. For some reason, Nevaeh’s lil voice came to my head asking, “Why is The Rock Obama on your guitar?”

So, people will do anything for money, right? Yeah I’m one of those people. I got asked to write a paper for someone and that paper was due at 6pm tonight. Apparently, that someone was given the wrong classes by her stupid ass fuckin school. WTF?! Like are you serious? I spent 1 1/2 days trying to research & write a paper for something that’s not going to get graded anyway? WOW!

I also edit peoples’ papers for their grammatical and spelling errors. I may not be the best writer there is, but they trust me with my editing. I don’t care if you pay me or not, just make sure you at least thank me. Anyway, this one random night I was on stickam [which night aren’t I on stickam, though?], some guy asked me if I did well in English. I told him that I was thinking of going back to school to major in English & education after getting licensed in cosmetology. So, he asked me to edit a paper for him. I said whatever. After reading what he needed to write about and reading his paper, which btw had way too many errors, he asked me to see if he needed to change something about it. So I gave him suggestions. This asshole asked me to pretty much write the fucking paper myself!! I told him that it’s his paper, and if I was going to write it for him, that he’d better pay me or SOMETHING! He said sure, but whatever!! I got scammed! OH!! He didn’t even say, “Thank you for helping me,” or anything like that!! I mean WTF?! And might I add, he wanted me to call HUFF for him? Because I lived closer to SF than he did? Seriously, are you fuckin kidding me?!

Lesson learned from today: Remember to at least say, “Thank you,” once a day to someone. Even if it’s for something small.




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