I don’t “member”, I remember.

7 03 2009

I always love hanging out with Shana. It’s always super fun and random. I mean yes, we go do what we originally plan to do, but we always make it into a game. Like for instance, 2 weeks ago we were on a mission to find a certain Sprint store in San Leandro. Anyway, today we ended up going to Sephora and she bought the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. We also went to ULTA & she bought a few ULTA cosmetics to get a free gift set. We’re actually going to “play” with her new make up. We’re trying out a couple of foundations to see if we like the coverage or not. We’re actually the same skin tone AND skin type, so it works out.

I’ll post pictures on how I personally like the foundations and the color scheme of my eyes that I’m going to do.




One response

8 03 2009

MMM!! Yay for make-up nights. We forgot to take pictures. Lol, I should charge my digital camera today before we go out to Vallejo. Oh, and your ass better be awake soon because we’re leaving at 2/2:30ish! ❤

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