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31 03 2009

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“Reunited & it feels so good…” Well, sort of.

24 03 2009

So on Sunday, Tracy High School Band & Colorguard 00-04 had a little reunion thing. I took BART from Fremont to Dublin & Barb picked me up from Dublin. It was supposed to be raining all day or something, but nope! The rain clouds went away, but it was still cold b/c there was a strong breeze. After Barb & I went to Safeway to pick up a few things, we headed out to Amanda’s house in Manteca. On our way there, we were gossiping about people we went to school with and what not. I mean that’s all Barb & I ever do… GOSSIP! LAWL!

So, as soon as we pull up to the curb, I looked at barb & told her, “Man I feel awkward already.”
Barb replied with, “Yeah, I know. So do I.”

So yeah, not a lot of people showed up. A few people kind of flaked & what not, but you know what? WHATEVER! I’m actually honestly glad that we had this reunion. I haven’t seen majority in 8 years, and it’s good to see that we all still get along… KIND OF! HA!!

I’m just going to post pictures!

Val trying to escape my camera, HA! I got you!

Barb, Veronica & her son, Alex. CANDID ;]

We played a little Wii Bowling.
Erin: “We should take the Wii out!!”
Barb: “OMG excuse me? Did you say, ‘We should take the weed out?'”
Erin, Amanda & I: “LOL WHAT?!”

Sabrina, myself & Erin. We all were in the colorguard all four years of high school. 98-01

The Fam Damnily. Athena, me, Erin, Sabrina & Amanda. We all were literally like sisters :] [Yes, Amanda & Athena are twins.]

Sabrina & her son, Aiden [I think that’s how you spell it =X] He’s so adorable!!

Me & Payton, Athena’s daughter — Take 1. Fail.

Erin & I were trying to make her laugh & look at the camera — Take 2. Fail.

Take 3. Fail. We give up!

Erin, Barb, Amanda & Payton conversing.

Payton & Aunt Amanda. How come I didn’t take one of Athena & Payton? LOL

Those are just the pix from my camera. Idk if anyone else uploaded their pictures yet. I hope you guys all had fun. I know I did…after a few drinks. LOL! That’s not surprising! And I hope to see you guys soon & not later!

Oh ew!!

20 03 2009

I just saw the pix I took yesterday for my review. Um, EW! I look all whack! HA! I need to lose weight! JEEZ! Well, apparently ppl have been asking if I’ve lost weight. I dont’ think I have. I mean, of course I’m not going to see a difference in my point of view, but if you knew me from let’s say Christmas, do I look that different?

I can’t wait for this Sunday!! Tracy High Band/Colorguard from 98-02 is having a reunion at Amanda’s house. I haven’t SEEN any of them, other than Barb, since graduation. Thank goodness for Facebook! If it wasn’t for facebook, we wouldn’t have planned this reunion!! I’ll post pix of the event.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation.

19 03 2009

So, I finally bought foundation that I’m happy with that doesn’t cost a lot. AND it was Buy One-Get One, so HELL YEAH!! I’ve been doing some research on which foundation I wanted to get. I even asked my fellow tweeters & MUGs what I should get. They all suggested Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation.

I got it in Warm Golden. I’m like in between a NC35 & NC40 in MAC. This is a little light on me, but I use NC40 Select Sheer Pressed Powder to set it.

So, 2 weeks ago, Shana & I went to ULTA to get some foundation for her & try some new stuff. Well, we were in front of the Revlon section & tried to get our match on the color to get. We’re actually the same color tone. I might be a little darker, but not by much.

Anyway, here’s my actual review.
It has SPF 6, which is good b/c I barely wear SPF anything. I know! Don’t judge me! LOL. There’s something called SoftFlex in the formula. I believe it’s to make the foundation light weight & less cakey. One bottle has 1 Fl Oz/30mL. Before I applied it on my face, I moisturized. My T-zone gets dry, but the rest of my face is normal, sometimes oily.

So I applied my hydrocortizone and dry skin cream. I know hydrocortizone is bad for yourface, but I’ve ben using this for the longest time & it’s the only thing that’s been working for me. So here’s the before picture.

I know! Scary! Don’t worry, I’m going to conceal everything :]. So I put a lil big on a clear cd thing that comes with those blank cds. I used a stipling brush to apply it.

The directions says to apply at one spot at a time & blending quickly. So I just put it on my cheek area & started working it in my skin. I could already tell the coverage was nice & it’s very smooth. I thought it was going to be really thick on my skin, but it wasn’t. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it dries up quickly. So, here’s a picture of half of my face w/ the foundation, and half w/o it on. Guess which one!!

If you couldn’t tell, it’s the left that has the foundation on. A lot of my uneven skin color was covered & my acne marks & what not. You can even tell that it’s not an oily formula either. That little smidgen goes a long way. Look!

So I put the rest all over my face, and I didn’t have any left over. It was just enough to cover my entire face. You really don’t need a lot of the product.

Ta-da!! Covered everything :] It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask like other foundations do. I couldn’t just have foundation on my face w/o doing everything else. So, here’s my Look of the Night. A Kim Kardashian inspired smokey eye. Well, my attempt to it.

Coverage = 5 stars
Formula = 5 stars
Price = 5 stars
Longevity = 5 stars
Packaging = 3 [No pump, and the formula itself is thick. It doesn’t come out easily.]
Overal = 4.6

According to…

16 03 2009

I’m depressed. I can’t sleep. This migraine of mine is hurting the living soul out of me. I went to lay down for 2 hours, and my migraine was getting worse. It would stop for a few mins, five mins at most, and come back 2x as bad. So, here I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out WTF IS GOING ON!

My head hurts so bad, you don’t understand. Let me try to paint you a visual here. Imagine a construction worker using a jackhammer on the side of the road. Hurts your ears right? Now, imagine that construction worker w/ 2 of his buddies who also have jackhammers. Only they’re not working on the road. They’re working on your right temple. Yeah, that’s how much it hurts, and it’s pulsating my whole brain!

Okay, so will someone please come take care of me?

I get migraines, not headaches.

15 03 2009

Ever since I was younger, I’ve never experienced a headache. I’ve always have been getting migraines and what not. I have a migraine right now, and I’ve tried almost everything I could think of. The only things that I didn’t try yet to do are: 1) Drink alcohol; and 2) have sex. Right now, I really don’t want either one. Weird, I KNOW!

Someone come over please to help me rid this migraine! I’m getting congested, too. I wonder if I drink coffee it’ll help? But that means I can’t sleep tonight. Not like it’s going to help anyway, because it hurts so bad that I can’t even close my eyes.

Hopefully it goes away soon &  that I hope it’s not something I don’t want to happen.

Nap time would be better if…

12 03 2009

I had some interesting pillows to sleep on. Well, not really, but it would be awesome to say that I do own a cool pillow!! I was browsing on twitter sometime last week & saw this crazy pillow!! It’s called the “boyfriend pillow”.

It’s crazy, I know!! People come up with the weirdest things! Since that day, I’ve been looking online for “weird/crazy pillows”. I guess it’s a new obsession of mine. Obviously, someone already did a blog or whatever on these pillows I’m about to share with you, but hey! I don’t give a shit :] Honestly, I kind of want one. *enter your comment here* posted this in January, and let me tell you. I seriously LOL`d! I would love to get all 3 sets of these. I mean look how hilarious they are! ESP the headphones & fingers-in-ear set. Can someone get me all 3 sets!?! PLEASE?! Thanks :]

Look closely at this one. It totally cracks me up! I don’t know if you guys get these pillow marks on your face when you sleep at night, but I definitely get them when I nap. Only when I nap, though! I would hate to have a message like this on my face for a few hours, though! Especially if I’m going out later.

For the MAC lover in you. Umm, this is kind of obsessive to me, as are some of the other ones I’ll show you. Would you really get this? I mean, I’m an XP user. You don’t see me getting a pillow or even creating a pillow with a “Start Button” design. Although, that would be a great idea!! If you make one, I better get credit for it, and 10% of all profit! :]

Okay I’m sorry, but this is a lil disturbing! I mean who would want a head of a horse on their bed? Especially one that’s been cut off? I swear, I thought my “XP Start Button” pillow was insane!!

HAH! I fuckin love this one! It’s called the “Pill-o Pillow”. The description says, “Creative pillow design from CarteBlanche, a luxury products company pioneering “cocaine-chic” couture.” Umm, honestly… A few people I know would LOVE this pillow if they were circular and had lil imprints, like XTC pills. But yeah, I wonder if this is actually comfy.

Like the MAC icon pillows, this is kind of out there. I personally wouldn’t get it, but I know a few “geeks” that would. I ❤ geeks, though. They’re sexy. Especially if they’re the geeks from LEXATIONSHIPS. Oh, did I just type that? Umm next crazy pillow…

Um, I’m not even going to comment on this one. You’re prolly thinking the same thing I’m thinking.

What does this look like to you? A red & white squiggly lined pillow, yeah? WRONG! It’s supposed to be BACON. Let me tell you something. I don’t like bacon. I hate the smell of when it’s being cooked, the taste & greasiness of it. This makes me hate bacon even more. Wait! No, this makes me hate bacon even more. Click here. Thanks bacon lovers, thanks.

This is cute. I’d totally get one! I love the color of the model’s hair, too! But really tho, it’s creative.

My new obsession for pillows got me searching real hard. And OMG, look at this one!!

Seriously, I thought I was obsessed over these, but this is WAY over the top!! Who would get a pillow that you can wear all day? That’s just fuckin ridiculous. Might I add: TACKY! Shame on you designers for making this one! Would you seriously walk around with a pillow attached to your head all day? I mean shit, if you’re that lazy, call in sick or something!

I want to read your reaction to these pillows, especially the pillowig [yes, that’s the actual name for it]. I never ask people to comment anything of mine, but I WANT you to comment this one please. Thank you :]